Lotso is the shortened name given to Lots- o’- Huggin’ Bear, who is not all he seems. Despite his friendly welcome to Buzz, and his fluffy pink fur and sweet strawberry smell he is a manipulative and controlling bear who ensures that Buzz and his friends are introduced to the boisterous youngest children at Sunnyside Daycare, whilst Lotso and his friends are played with kindly by the elder children.

His real motives and aims are concealed and he presents the new toys with a false ideal of Sunnyside and influences his group to believe that their owners did not value or care for them. 

Lotso does not display any ability to be reflective or proactive. He is an authoritarian leader and does not support the ideas of others.  According to Higgs (2009) in Slattery (2009) there are four themes which encompass dark side leadership behaviours. Lotso has displayed these features in the following ways:

Lotso has abused his power to control the environment and has exercised reward power  (French and Raven 1960) to retain Ken and Big Baby's following of his leadership. As Lotso’s henchmen, they are spared the risk of damaging play with younger children to maintain their self-preservation, by ensuring that Buzz and his group are placed in the playroom with the younger children. 

Lotso was aware that his actions would result in Buzz and his group being harmed. Lotso over exercised his control by imprisoning the toys and punishing Mr Potato Head by putting him outside alone in the sandbox. The extent of Lotso’s personal crusade to achieve his own aims eventually resulted in his downfall when Big Baby realised he had been dishonest about their owner, Daisy.

Consequently, Lotso was an ineffective leader as he was not honest about the motivation for his behaviour. This was based on his own perceptions of their abandonment by Daisy and not on the shared understanding of Lotso, Daisy and Chuckles the Clown. The effectiveness of their team was hindered as one of the three key themes for effective teams (Hackman 1990) was missing. Daisy and Chuckles didn't have all the facts regarding their abandonment so were duped by Lotso. Eventually, they turned against him and did not want to follow his leadership. Lotso had coached them under a false pretense. Team members need clear and agreed aims and goals to ensure productivity and harmony.


Steve Jobs – Apple Co founder.

Steve was extremely driven and held strong beliefs like Lotso. He developed his company from his garage and was a self-made entrepreneur with fastidious vision and drive. He was admired as a charismatic businessman and had high expectations of his staff to follow his autocratic/authoritarian style of leadership (Lewin 1939). Steve Jobs has been described as a controlling, bullying character and his staff feared his response to their work. Lotso’s leadership style is similar to Steve Jobs, as he focuses on instilling fear in the toys that they will be used and discarded by the children. Although Lotso’s principles are morally misguided he believes he is acting in the best interests of his friends and does not need to consult with them or re-consider his chosen course of action.

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